Secure Freedom Minute: 22 AGs – Don’t Surrender States’ Rights to the WHO, Either 5924


The Biden administration’s outrageous efforts to surrender our nation’s sovereignty and personal medical freedoms to a Chinese Communist Party asset running the World Health Organization turns out to have another problem: It would also supplant U.S. states’ rights to make decisions on public health, a power the federal government is not assigned under the Constitution – and, therefore, is not entitled to give away to Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus or anybody else. 
This position was powerfully declared yesterday by twenty-two state attorneys general in the second formal throwdown throw-down with  
President Biden over the WHO in as many weeks. Like every Republican member of the Senate, these states’ senior legal officers reject the accords still being stealthily negotiated less than three weeks before they are supposed to be approved.  
That approval must not happen. Join these American patriots in saying so at  
This is Frank Gaffney. _______
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