Secure Freedom Minute: A Broken Taboo Exposes Dangerous Radicalism Wrecking Our Only Military


Yesterday, the Senate Armed Services Committee politely thanked and gingerly questioned President Biden’s nominee to be the nation’s next top officer. It wasn’t until two Senators broke what appears to be a taboo that the elephant in the room – namely, the radicalism of General Charles “C.Q.” Brown and his Commander-in-Chief’s agenda for “transforming” the U.S. military – became evident.

I was among thirty-one signers of an Open Letter urging that the prospective Joint Chiefs Chairman be questioned about the Marxist “woke” policies of racial preferences, political commissars and transgender accommodations that are crippling recruiting and harming readiness. Thankfully, Senators Mike Rounds and Eric Schmitt did so. 

Gen. Brown’s responses showed that America and her armed forces urgently require another hearing, this time fully devoted to exploring the damage being done to our only military on the eve of a possible war with China.             

This is Frank Gaffney.

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