Secure Freedom Minute: A CCP Forward Operating Base in Texas?


With the focus finally intensifying on what amounts to a Chinese Communist Party biological attack against the world, another of its ominous threats to this country remains largely unaddressed. Prominent Texas financier Kyle Bass told Epoch Times TV last week that the purchase of 200 square miles of his state by a retired People’s Liberation Army general is a national security threat.

This land a) is near the Mexican border; b) is 10 miles from a sensitive U.S. Air Force base; c) will supposedly become a wind-farm that will tie into the state and national electric grids and d) will reportedly have a 10,000-foot runway. Any one of these features in unfriendly hands would be dangerous. In combination, they are simply intolerable.   

Tell your elected representatives that Morning Star Ranch must not become a new Chinese Communist Party threat to America.

Pass it on.

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