Secure Freedom Minute: A Disastrous Space Policy for Team Biden

Secure Freedom Minute

This is Frank Gaffney with the Secure Freedom Minute.

Joe Biden’s compromise by the Chinese Communist Party is likely to result in a wholesale – and reckless – make-over of U.S. policy towards our country’s most dangerous enemy ever. Look no further than his team’s proposal to collaborate with China in space.

The CCP already deploys vast numbers of spies, agents of influence and cyberwarriors to obtain sensitive technology and proprietary information from Americans. Such expropriation costs us as much as $600 billion per year. And it is contributing to Xi Jinping’s bid to secure decisive commercial and military advantages over us.

That problem would be vastly intensified, however, if a formal channel were to be established for transferring high tech know-how and products from the inherently dual-use U.S space industrial sector to Beijing and its programs for using control of outer space to dominate the earth.

That must not happen.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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