Secure Freedom Minute: A Great American Speech

Secure Freedom Minute

Our 45th President had his audience and tens of millions of others of us at “Hello” when he memorably addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday. Donald Trump asked, “Do you miss me yet?” and a resounding affirmative answer rang out across the land – and became even more heartfelt in the course of the ninety minutes that followed.

Partly that was because Mr. Trump powerfully recalled the accomplishments of his time in the presidency and contrasted them with the immense damage his successor has already done to our national security, economic strength, relations with allies and adversaries and public health.

The former President also laid out his vision for restoring an America in which elections are once again free and fair, our borders secure, our economy vibrant, our enemies deterred and our God-given, constitutionally guaranteed freedoms intact.

Let’s make it so.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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