Secure Freedom Minute: A Lot More of Us will Soon be Veterans


It seems appropriate that we technically have two Veterans Days this year because – whether we know it or not – a lot more Americans are likely soon to be veterans as we have entered World War III.

Arguably, that is because we have failed to remember three fundamental principles we should have learned from all our previous wars:   

First, “peace through strength” works. Alternatives do not.

Second, if you treat your enemies better than your friends, you will not only have more enemies. They will be at your throat.

And third, there are such things as “enemies within.” 

The three Obama-Biden administrations have succeeded in “fundamentally transforming” America by – among many other wrecking operations – abandoning these principles. They have: systematically weakened us; empowered and emboldened our foes; and actually proliferated our enemies inside this country.

Honor our veterans, and prepare to join them.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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