Secure Freedom Minute: A Marine’s Covid “Hot Wash” – The CCP Lied, People Died

Secure Freedom Minute

Matthew Pottinger served as the Deputy National Security Advisor to President Trump. A former China-based Wall Street Journal reporter turned Marine intelligence officer, he played an outsized role in Mr. Trump’s efforts to defeat the CCP virus and the regime that unleashed it on the world.

On Sunday, Mr. Pottinger publicly shared lessons learned in the course of the Covid pandemic. His Marine’s after-action review showed millions of lives were needlessly lost thanks to Beijing: a) turning loose a deadly disease; b) refusing to acknowledge what happened; then, when reports nonetheless leaked out, c) diverting our therapeutic efforts by encouraging us to believe it was just a bad strain of flu, not a virulent coronavirus.

Such behavior caused unimaginable carnage here and elsewhere and constitutes further evidence of the CCP’s so-called “cultural norm,” better known as genocide.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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