Secure Freedom Minute: A Much-needed Prescription for Restoring America’s “Destroyed” Military


Elections are not just about choosing a president. They’re also about policy choices. One of the most important this November is whether the United States will persist in policies that imperil the national security and the American people.  
Take the fundamental transformation of the military under the three Obama-Biden administrations. On July 4th, combat veteran Kurt Schlichter published an article in TownHall that correctly describes our armed forces as “destroyed.” 
Colonel Schlichter made the case not only for new leadership in the Pentagon. He also offered a series of practical ways in which it must be exercised if the services are to meet today’s acute challenges – and tomorrow’s.
In short, America’s military must abandon divisive social experiments and debilitating distractions like fighting “climate change” and be properly led in its sole mission: namely, deterring wars and, when necessary, decisively winning them. 
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