Secure Freedom Minute: A Must-see Movie – ”Nefarious”


I just saw a terrific movie called “Nefarious” and found everything about it to be absolutely first-rate – especially its insights into our times and troubles. 

The film features a riveting struggle between a serial-killing death-row inmate and a psychiatrist assigned to do an eleventh-hour assessment of his sanity. Their exchanges provide a window into the spiritual warfare in which so many of us and, indeed, our nation are caught up. 

The stakes for a United States of America whose Founders believed it was inspired and ordained by Divine Providence cannot be overstated. We confront enemies, foreign and domestic, who can accurately be described as demonic. 

I urge you to see “Nefarious.” It may help you to understand and to respond as we must if our country and her people are to survive the spiritual warfare being waged against us. 

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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