Secure Freedom Minute: A Real-life Horror Show that’s Must-see TV for 2024


If you watch one thing this long holiday weekend, make it a must-see video that can equip you to help save our country next year.

It’s a kind of real-life horror-show. The six protagonists reveal a sneak attack now actually underway on this nation by a combination of radical federal officials, seditious financial interests, the United Nations and other mortal enemies, including the Chinese Communist Party. 

What makes this video compelling and required viewing is that its ending remains undetermined. Will these forces get away with fundamentally transforming America by selling off, and selling out, her public lands, water and even air – and endangering your personal property rights, as well?

Do more than entertain yourself this weekend. Do your civic duty by tuning into yesterday’s shocking webinar about Natural Asset Companies at, then join us in writing its ending at  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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