Secure Freedom Minute: A Thanksgiving Prayer for America and Her People


I hope you’ll join me in a Thanksgiving prayer: 

Dear Lord, Thank you for this day to reflect upon our blessings, among them the privilege to live in this magnificent country and enjoy its freedoms. You have chosen this moment for us to be here so that we can play a part in determining whether America will continue to thrive.

The year ahead may be among the most fraught, with enemies foreign and domestic seemingly set on fundamentally transforming this nation and the world, in the process rendering us less secure, prosperous and free. 

We pray that you will help each of us comprehend and address the challenges posed by such forces. With your continued blessing and our hard work, we will prosper and be able to bequeath to our children and children’s children all that you have bestowed upon us. 


This is Frank Gaffney.

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