Secure Freedom Minute: A Tipping Point on Sovereignty-crushing “Global Governance”?


In every failed assault on our freedoms, there has been a tipping point. Think: the Revolution’s Battle of Trenton, Gettysburg’s Little Round Top in the Civil War or Midway Island in World War II. 

This week’s Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington may prove decisively, as advertised, where “Globalism Goes to Die.” That’s because this CPAC is providentially focused on an imminent, insidious globalist threat to our sovereignty and constitutional Republic. 

The Biden administration supports two accords set for adoption in May that are aimed at advancing “global governance” by surrendering to the World Health Organization decisions over what are “public health emergencies” and our response to them. 

Conservatives and countless others who love this country are learning what’s afoot – and its dire implications. With God’s grace, we’ll begin now the needed, successful efforts to depart, defund and defang the WHO.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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