Secure Freedom Minute: Afghanistan 2.0 Introduces Not So ”Pax” CCP


Team Biden’s systematic dismantling of U.S. prestige, influence and security arrangements epitomized by its surrender of Afghanistan lurched forward last week as the Chinese Communist Party supplanted America in the heart of the Middle East. Think of it as Afghanistan 2.0. 

Beijing changed the Mideast’s balance of power by brokering a deal of uncertain durability, but potentially calamitous strategic repercussions, between Saudi Arabia and its mortal enemies, the mullahs of Iran. The effect will probably be to ensure that the Iranian regime finally gets the Bomb – and, if so, likely uses it. 

With the Saudis’ apparent removal from the region’s anti-Iran camp, the Biden administration has also furthered its aggressive undermining of our one real ally in the region – and the most likely immediate target of an Iranian nuclear attack: Israel.  

Goodbye Pax Americana. Brace yourself for not so “Pax” CCP. 

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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