Secure Freedom Minute: “Afghanistan 2.0” – Team Biden’s Betrayal of Israel


The folks who lost Afghanistan are working to do the same to Israel – with even more dire consequences. 

In this case, Team Biden is actively putting the survival of the Jewish State at risk while enriching and emboldening her mortal enemies – and ours: namely, the Sharia-supremacist Iranian regime, its myriad terrorist proxies and their ultimate sponsor, Communist China.

My colleague, Caroline Glick, has brilliantly exposed the extent of this wrecking operation in a column at She describes eleven different ways in which the American people’s support for Israel is being betrayed by Biden and Company, including by Washington’s efforts to topple the elected government of Benjamin Netanyahu. So much for Biden’s purported commitment to “democracy.”

Congress must reject Afghanistan 2.0 and approve without further delay the weapons Israel urgently requires to win the war she is waging for us, as well.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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