Secure Freedom Minute: “America is Back”…to the 1970s


Joe Biden has repeatedly boasted that “America is back.” It turns out, we’re back to the 1970s when, thanks to ill-advised Democratic policies he supported, we abandoned allies in Vietnam and Iran.

What some are calling “a failure of intelligence” that has resulted in a cascading and ongoing series of disasters in Afghanistan, is really a product of further unintelligent, yea inane, policy decisions by Biden and whoever is actually running the wrecking operation that passes for his administration.

Millions of people in Afghanistan – and especially women and girls – will bear the immediate costs of the current absence of competent U.S. leadership. But make no mistake: Ultimately, so will we here at home.

To cite but one example, we have handed Sharia-supremacists a decisive victory that will embolden them and our other enemies.

Expect more jihadism and aggression worldwide and aimed at us.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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