Secure Freedom Minute: America is Being Victimized by Biden’s Elder Abuse

Secure Freedom Minute

Joe Biden couldn’t remember yesterday the name of his Secretary of Defense, or even that of the Pentagon in which he works. This is, unfortunately, not an isolated “senior moment” of forgetfulness.

It is now part of pattern of behavior that dates back to his nearly invisible role in the 2020 campaign, a pattern that raises serious questions about Mr. Biden’s mental competence and fitness to serve as President at a time of growing domestic and foreign challenges.

We can no longer accept less than full disclosure about the Commander-in-Chief’s condition. That’s especially so if, as seems to be the case, such secrecy is enabling the implementation the most radical leftist policy and legislative agenda in the nation’s history – an agenda that might just prove impossible to adopt if Kamala Harris, the most radical leftist Vice President ever, were formally in charge.  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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