Secure Freedom Minute: America Must Really Stand with Israel Now


Iran just fired 300 missiles at Israel. For various reasons – including concerted defensive efforts by the Jewish State, American forces and even Jordan – miraculously, nearly all failed to cause damage. 

President Biden wants the Israelis to forego retaliation, telling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. supports Israel, but not any offensive operation against the mullahs. 

Evidently, having aided Israel’s defense, Team Biden now intends to defend Iran.

Congressional Republicans finally appear ready to really help Israel. That requires: emergency resupply of her greatly depleted arsenal; investigating the Biden administration’s foreknowledge of and culpability in this Iranian assault; and standing with Israel as she responds.

Clearly, the only hope of preventing the ayatollahs from doing far worse in the future is to assist the Iranian people in ending the regime that oppresses them and genocidally threatens Israel, and us

This is Frank Gaffney.

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