Secure Freedom Minute: America the Vulnerable


A foreign-owned and -operated ship just destroyed an important bridge in Baltimore, with devastating impact on its port and people and still-cascading disruptions in the U.S. transportation, commercial and trade sectors.  

While the official inquiry into what happened has just gotten underway, the huge container vessel in question, known as the Dali, clearly had myriad electrical and other physical problems and a checkered record of unsafe operations. 

Whether this disaster proves to have been nothing more than a terrible accident, however, it is already evident that deliberate efforts to disrupt, or even take down, America’s vast critical infrastructure could be easily mounted with potentially catastrophic effects on this country’s population, society and economy. 

An extremely timely webinar today will examine whether our enemies are poised to exploit such vulnerabilities and whether anything is being done to prevent that. Join us at

This is Frank Gaffney.

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