Secure Freedom Minute: Americans Very Alarmed at the CCP Malign Influence Here


A new poll suggests that likely 2022 voters are primed for an even greater than normal course-correction in a president’s first off-year election. The Trafalgar Group, one of the country’s most accurate pollsters, found stunning majorities hostile to a problem with which Joe Biden is inextricably associated – namely, Chinese influence operations inside the United States.

The poll found that 81% were concerned about “China’s influence over our government, media and culture,” with an actual majority very concerned.

It seems inevitable that, as the public learns more about Mr. Biden’s own compromise by Chinese influence operators and that of so many of his administration’s top officials, voters will rightly become even more alarmed. The question is: How much damage will the CCP be able to do before those opposed to its penetration and subversion here receive a powerful electoral mandate to reverse course?  

This is Frank Gaffney.

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