Secure Freedom Minute: An Urgent Warning of a Potentially Fatal Condition – ”China Blindness”


In the intelligence business, “indicators and warnings” aregenerally relied upon to predict dangerous developments. Rarely, does a senior intelligence professional publicly warn that his nation is “blind” to key indicators of impending disaster.

Yet, that is precisely what Rear Admiral Michael Studeman, the U.S. Navy’s top intelligence officer, did on February 15 th with a speech in which he described a dangerous condition afflicting our leaders and people. He called it “China-blindness.” He observed, “It’s very unsettling to see how much the U.S. is not connecting the dots on our No. 1 challenge….It’s disturbing how ill-informed and naive the average American is on China.”
A prime-time hearing tonight by the new House Select Committee offers an opportunity to lay out the actual indicators that the CCP is at war with America. Let us pray its warnings are heeded in time.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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