Secure Freedom Minute: Are Teslas Spying for the CCP?


Elon Musk’s high-end electric vehicle company, Tesla, manufactures lots of cars in Communist China. For some time though, the regime there has disallowed Teslas on or near military installations. Now, the ban is reportedly being extended to other areas of the country.

Evidently, the reason for such restrictions is that the Chinese Communist Party fears these cars can be mobile electronic intelligence collection platforms. And they should know, given that they not only build them, but have surely expropriated Musk’s proprietary technology long ago. 

Presumably, therefore, the CCP is able to use Teslas – probably including the company’s cars built elsewhere – to spy not only on the vehicles’ owners here, but targets of interest throughout the United States. 

Who needs spy balloons when American drivers can be unwittingly enlisted to conduct espionage for our mortal enemy, the Chinese Communist Party?

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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