Secure Freedom Minute: Are There More Ticking Chinese Biowarfare Time-Bombs Here?


You wouldn’t know it from the so-called “mainstream media” – which seemingly thinks only Donald Trump’s serial indictments and hot summer temperatures are newsworthy. 

But it’s pretty important that the Communist Chinese appear to have covertly established a toxic waste dump and/or laboratory with the inherent capability of producing biological weapons in proximity to a key U.S. military facility – and a lot of Americans – in central California.  

An alarming webinar examining this development yesterday established the following: 

This facility either was an actual biowarfare lab or could rapidly be used as such. Freshly manufactured biological agents are more lethal. And, if the lab’s expensive, genetically modified mice or other means delivered such agents to a key Navy base nearby, it could be devastating to our Pacific fleet’s combat capabilities. 

Question: Are there more of these CCP time-bombs in America?

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This is Frank Gaffney. 

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