Secure Freedom Minute: Bad Time to be Financing the CCP Threat


The Chinese Communist Party has effectively begun its invasion of Taiwan with live-fire air and naval exercises surrounding the island, including some within Taiwan’s exclusive economic zone. This would seem to be a bad time for U.S. government employees and military personnel to have their retirement savings invested in CCP companies.


Yet, as an article in today’s Wall Street Journal makes clear, the CCP’s “Old Friends” like BlackRock’s Larry Fink have effectively eviscerated President Trump’s decision two years ago to bar such investments through the federal Thrift Savings Plan. Our coalition opposing that scheme has established that TSP participants could be unwittingly investing in hundreds of Chinese corporations – including ones tied to its military and/or human rights abusers.


Learn more at, then join us in opposing such outrageous underwriting of our mortal enemy.


This is Frank Gaffney.



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