Secure Freedom Minute: ”Beijing Nancy”


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned American Olympians last week not to anger the “ruthless” Chinese Communist regime. Those inside the Genocide Games’ totalitarian bubble surely needed no reminder that they are competing in a monstrous police state – and, thereby, legitimating it.

Rather, Mrs. Pelosi seems to be trying to impress on the rest of us that the CCP’s rise is inevitable, and that resistance to it is dangerously futile. She sounds like “Tokyo Rose” – the voice of Imperial Japan’s efforts to demoralize and defeat our troops in World War II.

Unfortunately, “Beijing Nancy,” like the two people north of her in the constitutional food chain, is compromised financially and/or ideologically by the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP sees an opportunity for aggression. Disabusing it requires publicly repudiating Beijing Nancy and the others among our elites “captured” by, and helping, our ruthless enemies.

This is Frank Gaffney.                                                                                             

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