Secure Freedom Minute: Bet on Putin at the Summit


Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are meeting today in Geneva. Unfortunately, since this isn’t their first date, we pretty much know how it will go.

Longtime official notetaker for the then-Vice President’s meetings Mike McCormick, recounts in his “unauthorized” Biden biography how Putin made a point of humiliating his American interlocutor, whom he clearly considered to be weak and foolish. And that was in Biden’s relative prime.

Sadly, Mr. Biden has recently earned the Russian dictator’s contempt anew. Evidently, the President authorized a major strategic concession – ensuring that our European allies will become even more dependent on Russian natural gas supplies – just to get a summit. Then, his administration preemptively and unilaterally terminated one of America’s very few nuclear modernization programs.

Whatever the public atmospherics, you can bank on the upshot of this encounter in Geneva being another win for Putin.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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