Secure Freedom Minute: Beware Australia‘s Covid ”Lockdowns”


As evidence mounts that the gene therapies being called “vaccines” are of declining effectiveness against virus mutations and with increasing adverse side effects, officials are insisting that all of us need to get “fully vaccinated.” That now means being jabbed not just twice, but with the first of what will, evidently, be a number of booster shots.

The suspicion is growing that this has more to do with controlling people than it does with actually safeguarding public health. In an interview yesterday, Australian Pastor Steve Cioccolanti warned about what’s happening in his country – and may be in the offing here.

As elsewhere, politicians down under are seeking, and exercising, unprecedented emergency powers. In Australia, though, they are not simply imposing mask-requirements, lockdowns and vaccination mandates. They are actually imprisoning the unvaccinated.

Will this be allowed to happen here on our watch?         

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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