Secure Freedom Minute: Beware Joe Biden’s In-house Jihadists


In July 2020, candidate Joe Biden promised Sharia-supremacists that, in exchange for their votes, he would appoint Muslims to staff his administration. 

Moderate Muslim Zuhdi Jasser warned shortly after the start of the Biden presidency that it was “a Trojan Horse that concealed the extent to which the Red-Green Alliance of the far-left progressives and Islamists are being given the reins.” The result has been nothing short of disastrous for our country, its Mideast allies – especially Israel, and vital interests abroad and increasingly at home. Look no further than Columbia University.

The Biden Islamists’ latest success is a new State Department report on Human Rights Practices. It treats Israel as “a worse human rights abuser than [China, Russia, Iran and the Taliban].” This monstrous lie is yet-another gift to jihadists who seek not only “Death to Israel,” but “Death to America.”   

This is Frank Gaffney.

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