Secure Freedom Minute: Beware of the CCP’s Truly Systemic Racism

Secure Freedom Minute

President Biden and Vice President Harris seized on Derek Chauvin’s conviction yesterday for murdering George Floyd as proof that America is “systemically racist.”

That insidious and false narrative happens to be one aggressively promoted by what is, indisputably, the most systemically racist country in the world: Communist China. The Chinese Communist Party incessantly denounces America’s “racism” to subvert this country and deflect attention from the its own, ongoing genocide against ethnic minorities.

Worse yet, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is making clear that his empire-building Belt and Road Initiative will help institute new “rules and standards” for “global governance.” If he succeeds in consolidating that scheme’s worldwide build-out of dual-use infrastructure and debt-trap financing arrangements, Xi will be able to enforce his totalitarian hegemony and, yes, his racist Han supremacism on others, and perhaps us.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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