Secure Freedom Minute: Biden and the WHO Secretly Pursue Global Repression


Global elites have long sought to establish control over the rest of us. Today, Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is pursuing a “Great Reset” explicitly designed to do just that.

There is, however, another such effort underway at the moment – one in which the Biden administration is officially engaged behind closed doors. The venue is backroom negotiations conducted by the World Health Organization. That’s the supranational entity that endorsed Xi Jinping’s totalitarian “China Model,” which responded to the Wuhan virus with mandatory lockdowns, vaccinations and digital “passports” that have helped kill over a million Americans.

The closest thing to oversight of the WHO’s incipient “Digital Gulag” was an informal hearing convened yesterday by Senator Ron Johnson to examine the pandemic and those who exploited it. Secret efforts to institutionalize and perpetuate the recent horrors must be halted, and rigorously investigated.


This is Frank Gaffney.

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