Secure Freedom Minute: Biden Channels Trump on CCP Cap Market Sanctions


The Chinese Communist Party’s brutal repression in Hong Kong, enabled by Covid-19 restrictions and aggressive prosecutions for alleged “national security” crimes, has made it difficult – and dangerous – for residents to hold the mass protests that have traditionally marked the anniversary of the CCP’s murder of ten thousand or more pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square.

A virtual, global vigil has been arranged, however, that may afford an opportunity for millions in the city and elsewhere to express solidarity with the victims, living and dead.

To his credit, Joe Biden has chosen this moment to issue an Executive Order that would actually punish the Chinese Communists for their crimes against humanity and other, threatening behavior. By amending and strengthening an order promulgated by his predecessor, the President has imposed U.S. capital markets sanctions on 59 companies tied to the CCP’s military.

Let’s roll.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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