Secure Freedom Minute: Biden Condemns Anti-Semitism While Stealthily Practicing It


Today, Joe Biden will memorialize the Holocaust with a denunciation of anti-Semitism. His address will likely join myriad other examples of this president’s dishonesty, especially of late with respect to the State of Israel. 

Biden has repeatedly professed support for that nation – the world’s single most important bulwark against anti-Jewish bloodlettings. And, until recently, his administration has provided some resupply of Israeli weapon stocks.  

Yet, Team Biden has increasingly intervened to save Hamas, the terrorist organization that perpetrated on October 7th the worst act of anti-Jewish violence since the Holocaust.

It would be in keeping with such bad faith if the president tries today to pander to his partisans’ growing pro-Hamas sentiment by suggesting that anti-Zionism is not, in fact, anti-Semitism or hatred of Jews is morally equivalent to so-called “Islamophobia.” Both are lies and must be repudiated as such. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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