Secure Freedom Minute: Biden Dishonors our Military


President Biden will go through the motions today of honoring those who have sacrificed to defend this country and its Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Regrettably, his words and actions this Veterans’ Day will ring hollow since his administration has done unprecedented damage  to the legacy and present condition of our servicemen and women.

Consider, for example: Joe Biden’s humiliating surrender in Afghanistan; his radical, racist and anti-American indoctrination of the U.S. military and purging of warriors who reject it; Biden’s punishing of troops who decline to obey a reckless Covid-19 vaccination mandate; his enabling of enemies like Communist China; and his gutting of U.S. nuclear and other defense policies and programs.

Those who love our country and cherish the freedoms secured by our veterans – whether deceased, surviving or incipient –authentically honor and revere them. Sadly, Team Biden does not.    

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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