Secure Freedom Minute: Biden Must Strengthen, Not Abandon Trump‘s ”China Initiative”


Bad news for millions of Americans whose lives have been upended – or destroyed – by the Chinese Communist Party’s pandemic. Or who hate the idea of legitimating the CCP’s Genocide Games in February. Or its bid to dominate the world and take down our country in the process.

John Solomon’s “Just the News” reports that “a loose coalition of lawmakers, nonprofits, and academics” is demanding that Team Biden end the so-called “China Initiative” it inherited from President Trump. That program is designed to “identify and prosecute those engaged in hacking, stealing trade secrets, and conducting economic espionage for the Chinese government on U.S. soil.”

It’s a crime to betray our country by aiding and abetting her enemies. If we don’t root out and punish such behavior, those enemies will inevitably defeat us. That must not be allowed to happen on our watch.

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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