Secure Freedom Minute: Biden Reverts to Undermining Israel – and America Value as an Ally


The three Obama-Biden administrations have been the most hostile towards Israel, ever. Notably, Joe Biden deliberately reversed Donald Trump’s efforts to strengthen ties between the two nations and Israel’s preeminent and secure position in the region, emboldening her enemies – especially Iran and its fellow Sharia-supremacist proxies.

Having thus incentivized their invasion of Israel, Team Biden was obliged to profess its support for our ally’s right to defend herself and to destroy Hamas. But the U.S. government has increasingly reverted to its previous policy of subverting the Netanyahu government and Israeli security.

That is now being manifested by, among other things, American insistence that Israel must turn over post-Hamas Gaza to a Palestinian Authority equally committed to her destruction. Such insanity would: translate into a strategic defeat for Israel; intensify threats to her existence; and imperil every other U.S. alliance relationship.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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