Secure Freedom Minute: Biden‘s Afghan ”Success” and Other ”Big Lies”


The Biden administration insists that its end to the Afghan war was an enormous success. To paraphrase Bill Clinton, that depends on what the definition of “success” is.

Taking nothing away from the brave Americans who extracted some 120,000 people from the jaws of the Taliban’s killing machine, whether the evacuation was a success will depend, in part, on whether that number includes jihadists who are being admitted without vetting into this country and may be, perhaps literally, ticking time-bombs.

The fact that the Biden team is trying to gaslight us into believing a rout was actually a great accomplishment not only further undermines confidence in its leadership and agenda. This stunning misrepresentation also puts into sharp relief, and discredits, what actually constitute other “Big Lies” perpetrated by Mr. Biden and his political and media allies over the past year.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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