Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s “Back” to Obama’s Failed Policies

Secure Freedom Minute

Yesterday, President Joe Biden used a foreign policy address to insist that “America is back.” But back to what? Based on the contents of the rest of the speech and his performance to date the answer appears to be: Back to the failed Obama-Biden administration’s policies which made it better to be America’s enemy than its friend.

For example, the speech was long on commitments to diplomacy redolent of Obama’s “lead from behind” approach to alliances and the prioritizing of issues like climate change and the “LGTBQI” agenda. Renewed appeasement of Iran was signaled by ending U.S. support for attacks on its proxies in Yemen.

Lip service was paid to meeting “this new moment of advancing authoritarianism.” But Communist China was primarily portrayed as an economic “competitor,” not a comprehensive and mortal threat.  

Back to such policies is a formula for disaster.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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