Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s Dangerous Embrace of the Venezuelan Regime


Venezuela’s government is one of the world’s most odious. Under the late dictator Hugo Chavez and his successor, Nicholas Maduro, what was among Latin America’s most prosperous and promising nations, has been despotically misruled, plundered and transformed into a dangerous hemispheric beachhead for Iran, Hezbollah, Russia and China.

Of particular concern is the Maduro regime’s practice of issuing Venezuelan passports to Iranian nationals headed here. While they’re hardly the only illegal immigrants we have to worry about, the favored treatment Team Biden has afforded so-called “refugees” from Venezuela means that we are likely accepting large numbers of the mullahs’ jihadists, as well – which amounts to a serious national security threat.                                            

Now, Biden has swapped a top Maduro crony for American hostages, further legitimating an enemy and undermining our allies and interest in achieving his removal. We should be doing the opposite. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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