Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s Divisive, Super-Spreader Border Policy


Joe Biden campaigned on a platform of unifying a deeply divided country. This has proven to be a particularly cynical – and dangerous – bait-and-switch.

For example, the President’s open border policy is bringing into the country hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens each month –most of them military-age, unaccompanied men. Such an invasion is giving rise to a large and growing population of foreigners whose preferential treatment can only spawn disunity at best, and violent repercussions at worst.

Consider the disparate treatment of Americans and the invaders with regard to Covid-19. We are being ordered to lock down, mask up and get vaccinated. They are being ushered into the country, untested, untreated and mostly unvaccinated and delivered at taxpayer expense to communities across the U.S. Talk about super-spreader events!

That’s a formula for division and domestic unrest, a wrecking operation, indeed.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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