Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s Help for Hamas is No Joke


Joe Biden took to a late-night comedy show yesterday to declare that Israel is open to a ceasefire with Hamas for the month of Ramadan.

Unfortunately, while this idea is a contemptibly bad joke, it’s no laughing matter.

As Caroline Glick has pointed out, those negotiating this deal know it is “a trap” designed to save Hamas. If a ceasefire is agreed, Team Biden won’t allow Israel to resume hostilities and finish the jihadist group’s destruction. Worse yet, it will embolden Israel’s many enemies to do precisely that to her.

The president is clearly more concerned with today’s primary in Michigan – in which pro-Hamas activists are urging voters to oppose Biden’s reelection – than he is with Israel’s survival. 

Such policies may play well with Islamist and other Democrat supporters of genocidal terrorists, but not the vast majority of either Israelis or Americans.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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