Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s ”Jaw Jaw” Invites Xi’s ”War War”


Joe Biden wants us to believe that his subordinates’ renewed “dialogues” with Chinese officials are improving bilateral relations damaged by what he has derisively characterized as the “silly balloon.” 

The President may be deluded, or simply deceiving us. But the reality is very different: The Chinese Communist Party is actually preparing assiduously to complement the “unrestricted warfare” it has waged against us for decades – as documented in our bestselling new book, The Indictment – with a shooting war against America and her allies.

We must never forget that Japanese negotiators were meeting in Washington as their country launched its attack on Pearl Harbor. 

Our people are gravely disserved – and put at heightened risk – by the false and misleading assurance that Team Biden’s feckless, if not actually Chinese-“captured,” officials will talk the CCP out of war, when only “peace through strength” will deter it. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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