Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s Kow-Towing Encourages the CCP’s Aggression

Secure Freedom Minute

Americans were treated yesterday to a rhetorical brawl between U.S. and Chinese officials in Alaska. Unfortunately, we better get used to it because the Biden team’s relatively robust words are not backed up by action.

Instead, the President insists on deflecting attention from the most serious threat ever – namely that posed by the Chinese Communist Party – by focusing on Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Worse yet, he’s making a series of substantive concessions to Beijing, including downplaying China’s role in the Covid pandemic and fudging on whether its genocide against the Uighurs is ongoing. 

The Chinese Communists are responding ever-more-aggressively to such perceived appeasement and to their interlocutors who are responsible for it – individuals, from the President on down, who they have compromised or know are sympathetic to China’s “rise.”

We better disabuse the CCP of such dangerous notions, not encourage them.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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