Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s Mideast agenda – Fewer friends, more enemies


Joe Biden is promoting Palestinian aspirations with symbolic gestures, bad precedents and squandering millions of taxpayer dollars on the illegitimate Mahmoud Abbas and the terrorists of Hamas.
As it happens, both are committed to the destruction of Israel, and inciting violence against it.

The President would, nonetheless, have us believe that he is committed to the Jewish State’s security. 
To that end, we’re told he’s also encouraging the normalization of relations between
Israel and Saudi Arabia.

In fact, Team Biden’s preoccupation with resuming the previous, failed U.S. policy of treating the Palestinians as arbiters of whether the Saudis and others can make peace with the Israelis is calculated to undermine the Abraham Accords and otherwise impede progress on that front – not advance it.

Biden’s Mideast agenda is rewarding America’s enemies and harming its friends – a formula for more enemies and fewer friends.
This is Frank Gaffney_______
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