Secure Freedom Minute: Biden’s Wrecking Operation Goes Ignominy


The wrecking operation masquerading as the Biden presidency has added a new dimension to its long litany of self-inflicted wounds: The United States is now ignominiously groveling.  

For example, this week the administration pleaded with the victorious Taliban to take time off from executing the allies we are abandoning in Afghanistan to allow safe passage out of the country for their erstwhile leaders facing a last stand in Kabul.

Then, it begged Arab petrostates to increase production of oil and gas to make up for our energy shortfalls precipitated by the Biden-Harris team’s insane dismantling of one of Donald Trump’s most important bequests to America – namely, energy independence.

The trouble with such pathetic behavior is that it breeds contempt from adversaries and prompts allies to switch sides. That’s a formula for more foes and fewer friends – and a vastly more dangerous world.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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