Secure Freedom Minute: Can America Deter War No More?

Secure Freedom Minute

The world just got more dangerous. A reality that has developed inexorably over decades became palpable last night, and its repercussions are likely to be far-reaching and ominous.

On Tucker Carlson’s nighttime program Monday, former Congresswoman Tusli Gabbard described the horrific consequences of a nuclear war with Russia over Ukraine. By so doing, she at least implicitly affirmed that America no longer can confidently deter the sort of aggression now in the offing there and elsewhere, including China’s against Taiwan.

We have long relied on our nuclear arsenal to counter those of others and protect our interests and friends. But for the past thirty years, we have largely neglected our deterrent forces while Russia, China and others have relentlessly built up theirs.

Team Biden envisions more unilateral disarmament.

Emboldening enemies and abandoning allies is a formula for instability, and possibly catastrophe.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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