Secure Freedom Minute: Can We Please Secure the Grid?


Four electric substations were attacked on Christmas Day in Washington State and, while it is unlikely that what authorities have downplayed as “vandalism” and “burglaries” was inflicted by The Grinch, the actual perpetrators are unknown – and, presumably, still at large. 

Ditto those who recently attacked parts of our electric “grid” elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest and the Carolinas. Fortunately, the resulting power interruptions have so far been of limited duration and impact. But much worse is in prospect if we persist in leaving our most critical of infrastructures vulnerable to not only physical sabotage, but cyberattacks and man-induced and naturally occurring electromagnetic pulses. 

Our Secure the Grid Coalition has pressed for corrective action for years, but been stymied by resistant regulators and utilities. Hopefully, a forthcoming, powerful new documentary, “Grid Down, Power Up,” will help ensure we finally do secure the grid.  

This is Frank Gaffney. 

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