Secure Freedom Minute: Connected “Dots” Spell Trouble Ahead


Let’s connect a few “dots”: The FBI Director and ten of his Bureau’s former senior executives are warning of imminent, potentially “catastrophic” attacks inside this country at the hands of Chinese cyberwarriors, thousands of unaccompanied, fighting-age males coming here illegally from the PRC and/or others intent on attacking our country.

ATT, Facebook and other U.S. service providers have gone offline in recent days as a result of unprecedented, if not downright suspicious, “technical problems.” 

Meanwhile, Communist China is adding large purchases of grain to its already immense stockpiles – just the latest evidence that its dictator, Xi Jinping, is putting his country on a war-footing.

By contrast, Newsweek reports that the U.S. government is considering legislation to empty and permanently close the million-barrel Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve. 

Taken together, these “dots” suggest we’re at grave risk, and in need of an urgent course-correction. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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