Secure Freedom Minute: ”Controlled Asset” Biden’s Disastrous No-Show Serves the CCP


Last week, the Committee on the Present Danger: China hosted  an important webinar entitled, “Is Joe Biden a ‘Controlled Asset’ of the Chinese Communist Party?” Events of this week reinforce our answer in the affirmative.

True, Beijing professed unhappiness with the G-7’s discussions in Hiroshima, Japan about the rising threat that the CCP’s continuing “unrestricted warfare” poses to freedom everywhere – and the prospect that it may soon include a shooting war, as well.

Yet, far more significant is what Xi Jinping’s “old friend,” Joe Biden, did by standing up eighteen leaders of nations in the Indo-Pacific region who were supposed to meet with him in Papua-New Guinea. This meeting could have materially set back Chinese efforts to penetrate and subvert those still resisting its colonization and domination of the region, and beyond.

Instead, the war drums are sounding more loudly.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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