Secure Freedom Minute: Court-martial the Commander-in-Chief


Col. Richard Kemp is a highly decorated retired British army officer who commanded his country’s forces in Afghanistan. On Sunday, he shared with Fox New’s Mark Levin the perspective of one of America’s most steadfast allies concerning the Biden bug-out from Afghanistan.

Richard Kemp described it as “The most disastrous foreign policy event for the United States of America since the Second World War….It is worse than Vietnam because the North Vietnamese were not trying to destroy the USA.”

The same cannot, of course, be said of the Global Islamic Movement – of which we have now made the Taliban a leading force – or Russia and China. The colonel’s bottom line is that “The threat to the West is worse now than it was on 9/11.”

For such betrayal, Col. Kemp recommended that the Commander-in-Chief not be impeached, but court-martialed. 


This is Frank Gaffney.

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