Secure Freedom Minute: Cultural Marxist Officers Endanger our Security, Not Coach Tuberville


Five Republican Senators used floor time yesterday to denounce one of their colleagues, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville – endorsing Biden administration claims that the man known as “Coach” and his “hold” blocking the wholesale approval of promotions for senior officers are endangering national security. 

In fact, Coach Tuberville’s hold, initially prompted by the Defense Department’s illegal use of taxpayer money for abortion-related expenditures, has rendered a profound service to the military and the nation. His time-out on promotions has afforded an opportunity to examine and reject officers who embrace the subversive cultural Marxist agenda “fundamentally transforming” our armed forces.

Invaluable research on nearly thirty of those nominees reveals that – despite hectoring by the Senate GOP’s “controlled opposition” and their institution’s failure to vet them properly –  it is these officers’ brand of so-called “woke” leadership that imperils national security, not Coach’s objections to it. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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