Secure Freedom Minute: Dan Celia Put Patriotism Before Profits


If freedom-loving people have the opportunity to write the history of our time, they will doubtless decry the immense help that American elites have given to their country’s mortal enemy: the Chinese Communist Party. By some estimates, Wall Street mavens like BlackRock CEO Larry Fink have transferred more than $3 trillion of U.S. investors’ money, funds the CCP uses to wage “unrestricted warfare” against us.

Tragically, we lost yesterday an influential financier who stood athwart such betrayal. Dan Celia was the longtime host of a hugely popular TV and radio program and ministry called “Financial Issues.” He was sharply critical of fellow capitalists who fail to put patriotism before profits.

While we mourn Dan Celia’s untimely passing, he is surely in a position now to enlist more directly the Lord’s help in protecting the country he so dearly loved. Godspeed, our friend.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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